Vinson Foster

CMT, CMMT, MATT and Personal Trainer

Vinson has worked with the College of William & Mary’s Cross Country and Track & Field Teams. He works with Team Nike USA Runners and he works with some local semipro athletes.

Vinson Foster is a Personal Trainer and a Nationally and State Certified Massage Therapist (CMT). Vinson has trained under Aaron Mattes LMT, RKT, in Sarasota, FL and is an Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and Strengthening Therapist. He has also trained with Erik Dalton (Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques), James Wasalaski and Whitney Lowe (Orthopedic Massage).

He graduated from The Academy of Massage Therapy in Newport News, VA and the Newport News Shipbuilding Apprentice School. Vinson spent for 5 years working for the Newport News Shipbuilding and 3 1/2 years for Allied Aerospace Industries Inc. as a CNC Machinist and Model Technician building and repairing aircrafts and ships. After years of repairing ships and aircrafts, he converted his skills into repairing Human Bodies.

Vinson opened Foster’s Care Massage clinic in 2002. He is also an Instructor for Advanced Massage Techniques. In addition to being a CMT Vinson is also a Certifed Medical Massage Therapist (CMMT) and a Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Therapist (MATT).

He incorporates various styles and techniques such as: AIS Stretching and Strengthening, Orthopedic Massage, Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, Accupressure, Myofacial Release, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques and Pregnancy Massage for your body to receive its maximum benefit.

Vinson combines valuable experience and training and has identified effective ways to actively reduce mental and physical stress. He is an enthusiastic and inspired massage therapist who is passionate about bringing the benefits of massage into your organization.