Over the past year and a half I have benefited from Vinson’s massage, stretching, knowledge, and kindness. After a long day of work at a computer and raising my 3-year-old, I throw myself into my passion: ballet. Ballet is a rigorous discipline and can cause muscular imbalances. As with any sport, cross-training, stretching, and healthful practices are encouraged and are necessary for longevity.

Vinson has helped me concurrently heal strained muscles and safely practice ballet. My range of motion has not suffered from my minor injuries and the pain associated with dancing through a minor injury has been reduced. The healing process is safer and quicker. His knowledge in the muscular and nervous systems is excellent and his massage skills are intuitive. I enthusiastically recommend Vinson Foster’s massage and AIS stretching skills.

Emily Hill - Hampton, VA

Vinson and I graduated together from massage school.  We are both passionate about helping our clients to achieve health in body, mind and spirit.

Vinson has expanded his bountiful natural talent by becoming a certified personal trainer and by attending seminars and studying ….  I am confident that Vinson himself will one day be nationally recognized as an expert in the field of massage therapy.

On a personal note, over the past few months, Vinson has been working on releasing multiple layers of tightness, immobility, trigger points, and myofascial restrictions in my hands, arms and shoulders, a condition that was threatening to end my massage career.  He has done amazing work, focusing on the problem areas, and finding just the technique that works to release the restrictions.  He is a well trained and gifted therapist.

Poppy Cumpson

Hello Vinson,

I just wanted to formally thank you for the terrific job that you have done on the flexibility and strength of my hips since we started working together this past April of 2006. I just got approval today from the cardiologist to go forward with my hip replacement operation this December. I’m totally confident that the work you have done on my hips will enable me to have not only a greater probability for a successful hip replacement, but an even greater probability for a faster and healthier recovery.

Thank you again Vinson for your outstanding work ethic and knowledge of how all of our muscles move and how to make them move more freely. I highly recommend your services to anyone.

With Sincere Thanks,

Joe  Gallagher

Vinson has been my massage therapist for over a year. It has been the best year of my life since I was 13 years old as far as relief is concerned from headaches, TMJ headaches and migraines go. I am 46 years old now. I have suffered with migraines since I was 13 being diagnosed then any ways. I also had headaches 4-5 times a week growing up with migraines in the mix. I herniated a disc in my neck almost 8 years ago and had 2 unsuccessful neck surgeries. That only compounded the frequency and the intensity of both the migraines and headaches.

For a couple of years I had daily migraines. Doctors tried everything to help but NOTHING helped that much and nothing kept me from having that migraine everyday. When I say everyday what I mean is it NEVER really went completely away for 2 years. It would just vary in intensity with medicine, hot water bottles, ice bags, and migraine medicine. Some of the migraine medicine in the triptan family would help from time to time.

A few months after seeing Vinson on a regular basis, I only have a headache or a migraine 2-3 times a month. I did not think that would ever be possible for me. Not even that constant nagging feeling is there. My head not to mention a neck that I could barely move a little over a year ago is almost pain free 24/7 . Even the intensity of the headaches and migraines now have calmed way , way down on the few that I still have .

Vinson has used many different techniques to help me. I really think his diverse education in massage therapy techniques has been why he has been able to help me maintain my wellness. He has taught me many different stretching exercises so I can maintain all he has done for me. I wanted to write this so people who were searching the web and come across his site and wonder if there is hope for their headaches, TMJ headaches and migraines can see that there is help and hope for them out there. Thanks to Vinson’s hard work and continual education to learn new things to help people, my headaches and neck pain is very manageable for the first time in over 30 years.

Thanks Vinson,
Mrs. Harper, A Preschool Aide

My husband of 72 years of age has been coping with slowly progressive Multiple Sclerosis since the age of 47. He has been using a wheel chair for thirteen of those years………..recently, within the past two years, his condition has deteriorated to the point where he was unable to transfer without help from his wheelchair into the bed and back again because his leg and hip muscles were weak and stiff.  Falls were also a problem.

We found Vinson by word of mouth (what a blessing).   Vinson has been working with him for almost a year now beginning with whole body massage and then going into the Active Isolated Stretches technique………The AIS technique really has strengthened his leg and hip muscles as well as regaining flexibility.

As caregiver my job assisting my husband is not as difficult.  I have hope that with Vinson’s help my husband will remain more active and able to do things for himself. The fear of his becoming bedridden was always in the back of my mind.  That fear has subsided,,, thanks to progress we can see.

Thanks Vinson,

Ann and Ed Fritz

I’m a 65+ year old male with Arthritis and Parkinsons disease. Massage Therapy is key to sustaining the quality of my life and extending the time that I can live independently. Without it Id be in continuous pain and my body movement would be greatly constricted.

Vinson Foster is my Massage Therapist. He is the third Therapist to work on my body since I commenced Massage Therapy two years ago. The other two therapists, who practiced elsewhere, were capable of providing temporary relief and sort of a dependent relationship.

Mr. Foster, on the other hand, has provided me with extended relief and empowered me to take care of myself. This is a very important for any older American who resents – as I do – being patronized so much by younger Americans.

Mr. Foster has a winning manner with people and a deep respect for his craft. I feel blessed that he is helping me to thrive in the Golden years of my life. Im confident that any other client will feel as I do.

Best Regards,

Ted Q.

As a massage therapist, Vinson is tops! He takes time to listen to what my challenges are before beginning a session, and then gets right to work, assessing the area, applying his therapy, and retesting surrounding muscles. His touch is both skillful and compassionate; the sessions thorough and complete. While his work is specific, he shows a definite sensitivity to my individual pain threshold and responds appropriately. When our sessions end, I feel rejuvenated, in every respect. Whether the goal is therapeutic or pure relaxation, Vinsons work is nothing less than brilliant!

Joyce Nelson
Certified Massage Therapist  – Newport News , VA

Vince, Im not just saying this because you are standing. But that was the best massage that I have ever had and I have had a lot of massages.   On a scale of 1-10 I give you a 10!!!

Tammy S.
RN – Virginia

Vinson is by far the best massage therapist who has worked on me and Ive tried many massage therapists over the years. I have had chronic neck and jaw problems (TMJ) for many years and Vinson has produced lasting improvement in these conditions. He combines medical and other therapeutic techniques with strength and understanding of what the individual needs. He does not do “a one size fits all” massage.

Bottom line – He is masterful; the best Ive seen.

Diana T.
Psychologist  – Fort Monroe , VA

Vinsons Great!!! The best massage Ive ever had.

Sharin J.
RN  – Newport News , VA

Vinson gave me the best massage since I lived in Japan.

Margaret L.
Retired  – Hampton , VA

This was the most relaxing hour, my first time but not my last as a client.

Michelle B.
Nurse  – Newport News , VA

I really enjoyed the massage & Vinson was very attentive & knowledgeable of my problem areas.

Student ( Spellman College ) – Atlanta , GA

The acupressure on my face helps to significantly reduce the congestion of my sinuses.

Missy Powell-R.
Teacher – Newport News , VA



Vinson has reduced the pain from my IT Band VERY MUCH. On a scale of 1-10 I rank him an 11.

Barbara S.
Secretary – Hampton , VA

Vinson is great in making you feel comfortable.


The chair massage was wonderful – my hands and back of shoulders were killing me after 2 days of basket weaving. I felt great after just a 25 minute chair massage with Vinson. Vinson was GREAT!!!

Please comeback!!!  Seminar East too!  Guilders Weave too!

T. Hoke – Brunswick , ME

To Your Health,

Wonderful 10 minutes.

Really helped take away my headache and relax all my tense shoulder and neck muscles.

Thanks for a little bit of Heaven

Sue E.

This was my first professional J massage and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He found several knots and worked on them. To term a cliché it ‘hurt so good! I was impressed with the gentleness and care he took in his technique and pressure. Given the opportunity, I would do it again for a longer period of time.

Great Price for 10 minutes!

Alma R.

The Massage Therapists are a welcome addition to a great convention. We weave because we love it, but to have this service added makes the pleasure even more relaxing.


I have received a massage each day of convention and enjoyed all 3 of the therapists. They were unique in their style and very effective in relieving my discomfort.

I particularly enjoyed the PNF Stretches that Vinson performed on my glutes and lower back. It relieved a great deal of discomfort and enabled me to resume my activities with renewed vigor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Judy Wyatt