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Welcome to Foster’s Care Massage, your guide in nurturing your health through Massage and Stretch Therapy. Specializing in AIS Stretching and Strengthening, Orthopedic Massage, Relaxation Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Swedish massage. A life changing experience… Since college I have suffered from a repetitive stress injury (RSI) brought on by long hours at the keyboard and probably related to an old high school wrestling injury. I have had several surgeries on my wrist which helped for a time but never really fixed the problem. Since my work involves heavy use of the computer it has not really been possible to avoid the actions that irritate the RSI. The purchase of an expensive ergonomic keyboard and regular consumption of Ibuprofen, or vitamin-I as I like to call it, made the situation manageable but still less than ideal. Since beginning sessions with Vinson Foster my need for ibuprofen to deal with the wrist pain has significantly decreased. Vinson is both very knowledgeable and very professional and I highly recommend that anyone in need of therapeutic massage employ Vinson’s services. John W. C. McNabb, Ph.D. – Hampton, VA Read More Testimonials

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